Vielo Rear Mech Hanger

Vielo Rear Mech Hanger

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Vielo Rear Mech hanger.

Gen 1 - For all Vielo V+1 2018-2020. Including

  • UD Light Blue
  • UD Midnight Blue
  • UD Camo Edition
  • UDG Rival edition.

Gen 2 - For All Vielo R+1 frames and Vielo V+1 Gen 2. For use with Vielo A2T fast thread axles. Specifically for the following models:

  • R+1 Alto Mustard
  • R+1 Alto Anthracite
  • R+1 Strato Grey
  • R+1 Strato Lilac
  • V+1 Alto Rock Salt
  • V+1 Alto Blue Stone
  • V+1 Strato Plum
  • V+1 Strato Frost Green
  • V+1 Race Edition
  • V+1 CHPT3

Gen 2 Turbo - Vielo Gen 2 Mech hanger with a thread for M12mm x Pitch 1.5mm. Designed to replace the Gen 2 Mech hanger fitted as standard to Vielo R+1 and V+1 so the bikes can be used with a 142m x 12mm x 1.5mm axle. Compatible with

  • Tailfin rear rack
  • Turbo Trainers
  • Classified rear axle