CHPT3 Vielo V+1 Gravel Bikes

Vielo’s V+1 Gen 2 Gravel bike enters a new chapter by joining forces with David Millar’s CHPT3 clothing brand. 50 unique, limited edition CHPT3+Vielo V+1 bikes bring the best of two worlds to riding gravel.

CHPT3 - Vielo Dirt Gravel Bike
HPT3 Vielo V+1 - Dave Millar

David Millar Ex pro. CHPT3 founder.

Joining forces with Vielo to produce 50 unique versions of the V+1 brings together two of David’s passions - bikes and art. Beautiful and fast makes David a happy man.

CHPT3 Vielo V+1 - Unique Custom Paintwork

Paint Every bike is unique.

Paint but not as you know it. CHPT3 colours are sprayed layer by layer, sanded back and finished with a coat of carbon black paint by David Millar’s personal frame painter Eduard. Each an individual masterpiece.

CHPT3 Vielo V+1 - Campagnolo Ekar 13spd

Campagnolo Ekar mechanical 13sp.

The Campagnolo EKAR group set is the perfect partner for the CHPT3+Vielo V+1, high performing, light and super reliable. David’s first pro road racing bikes were equipped with Campagnolo.

CHPT3 Vielo V+1 - Saddle

Fizik Argo Gravel saddle.

A versatile bike needs a versatile saddle. The Argo gravel specific saddle is engineered with a compliant shell to absorb chatter and vibrations through the rough stuff.

CHPT3 Vielo V+1 - Campagnolo Ekar Groupset

Campagnolo Ekar groupset.

1x is no fad. It's the logical next step for road bikes. Lose the second chainring and you gain a beautiful symmetry. Nothing is offset, with a perfectly balanced downtube, bottom bracket and chainstay contributing to 30% greater lateral stiffness. Tube shapes are designed to maximise aero efficiency, and with less cabling (especially in the Alto version) streamlining is optimal and clutter minimal.

CHPT3 Vielo V+1 - Campagnolo Shamal Carbon Wheels & Disc Brakes

WTB Tyres to rely on.

Riding sketchy, ill-equipped cruisers down Mt. Tam back in ’82 WTB were practically born in the dirt. Pairing 700x45mm Riddlers with the Campagnolo’s Carbon Shamal wheels is like creating a gravel supergroup.

CHPT3 Vielo V+1 Dirt Gravel Bike

CHPT3 V+1 From £7,000

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