Vielo Bikes UK
Vielo R+1 Carbon Road Bikes UK

R+1 Choose a better road

R+1 is designed with 1x at its core. The result? 30% more lateral stiffness to beef up power transfer to your rear wheel. Single-minded design. Seamless detailing. A road bike and then some.

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Vielo V+1 Carbon Gravel Bikes UK

V+1 On road. Off road.
Your way

From in-house design to 1X gravel racer the V+1 knows no limits. Blistering on-road performance. Sure-footed off-road adventure. Ride where you want and relish every mile.

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Vielo 1x Chaninset Bikes UK

1x None of the hassle.
All of the gears

2x the complexity? No thanks. 1x is better. Really. With a vast range of gear ratios at your fingertips (comparable to 2x gearing), you’ll ease up climbs and power along straights. With less weight and fewer mechanical issues to boot, 1x is the one.

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Vielo Bikes UK

Colour Boring isn’t our thing

Our colours reflect the passion, the fun, the emotion of being in the saddle. They’re bold, beautiful and, occa- sionally, bonkers. Be not afraid, show you mean it.

Vielo Bike Parts UK

Parts Engineered for a better ride

If the devil is in the detail, we give you a hell of a choice. From handle bars to cranks, chainrings to stems, you pick the elements for the way you love to ride. All engineered to be better performing, lighter weight and easier on the eye.

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