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January 2018.
The start of something
liberating for British cyclists.

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The Vielo Road Plus Bike, and Gravel Bike full of adventure>

Introducing the Vielo V+1.
On-road bike performance.
Off-road capabilities.
Liberate your ride.

The Vielo V+1 has been a long time in the making - a product of ideas, theories and extensive know-how gained from thirty years working with some of the world’s most coveted ultra-performance cycle brands.

Designed for British cyclist, the V+1 has not suffered compromises to meet the demands of global markets. Instead we have single-mindedly engineered the V+1 for riding on rough British roads plus off-road gravel tracks.

We think of it as a go anywhere speed machine. But in reality, it’s much more than that.

The V+1 is an exercise in painstaking attention to detail. A quest to find the perfect combination of compliance, stiffness and acceleration that helps British riders go where they want, as fast as they want. (more)

The Engineers perspective
From the start we wanted to design a frame that could meet the demands of riding on poor road conditions and off-road riding. This meant that we needed lots of compliance, yet still be very stiff and have great acceleration.

I’m glad to say we have achieved this through two fundamental areas; first engineering the tube cross sections, which in itself is crucial to the carbon layup and also the behaviour properties when riding the bike.

For the rear triangle we chose very flat but wide chain stays and seat stays that provide a passive suspension. Although, I don’t like the idea of calling it suspension, it’s really providing a bit of travel. In combination with pre-bending the chain stays and especially the seat stays we can bring a lot of flexibility into the frame. Of course this needs to be controlled, so flex is vertical, not horizontal, which means it’s laterally very stiff to support aggressive riding and acceleration. It gives more control when cornering.

Also because the V+1 is a 1 by frame (single front sprocket), we have more freedom for rear tyre clearance and for engineering better, more suitable tube cross sections.

The CAD data provides a good idea how the design could turn out, but once the real results are in and it turns out the way we envisaged, it’s a really satisfying moment.

We have other nice features too. Like adapting the through axle system for the frame - only two turns is needed, it’s so fast to change a wheel. Also dropper post compatibility - because we don’t need a front derailleur we can use the left gear shift lever and run the cable entry into the frame, keeping things extremely neat. The V+1 is a very dedicated frame, exceeding it’s engineering goals and is perfect for what it was designed for - rough roads, off road, gravel riding, rough conditions.

I’m so happy with the result.


UD Carbon Fiber 870 gm
Size scaled performance and geometry
Passive rear suspension
Integrated stainless scratch guards
Replaceable rear mech hanger
UK specific internal cable routing

UDG Carbon Fribre 400gm

1-1/2” 1-1/8th

BB Press-fit 41mm x 86.5mm
Additional BB stiffness with 1 X

Disc post mount - 140mm rear, 170mm front

A2T fast thread
142mm x 12 rear, 100mm x 12 front

Diameter 30.9mm
Integrated seat post clamp

700c x 42mm tyre or 650b x 2.0mm tyre

Bottle cage - down tube and seat tube
Tool box - under down tube
Lunch box - on top tube
Integrated front , rear mudguards

XS, S, M, L, XL. Rider heights from 5’3” - 6’7”

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“I‘ve been riding road bikes where they shouldn‘t be ridden since the 80‘s. I’ve been testing professionally for over twenty years. I know when something is really special and the V+1 is certainly that.”
Guy Kesteven

There are a whole ton of gravel options now, but that’s half the problem, a lot of them weigh a ton. The V-Plus One combines the surefooted strength you need to get daft in the dirt with the low weight that really lifts it’s performance into a different league. The experience of the design team is clear as soon as you feel carbon soles connect to the ground through the carefully shaped stays and muscular mainframe too. There’s no harsh chatter or spine rattling edge to scatter traction, just a crescendo surge of speed that makes accelerating flat out at every opportunity a visceral Vielo addiction.

Subtle mudguard and storage integration separates if from stripped down CX race bikes on slick tyres when it comes to diverse wheel choices and day in day out or just winter club run versatility. Fat tyre and Road Plus capability with the super neat dropper post option and thru axle precision mean you can properly rip up the single track or roam the moors and trails all day not just tip toe between roads as a shortcut.

It really is a stunning blend of versatility, cultured class, effortless speed and insolent fun that begs for adventure as soon as you clip into the pedals. Whether that’s with MTB boots or ultra rigid road shoes you’ll just want to exploit and savour the ride by pushing further and faster every time. Just be prepared for all your other bikes to get a lot dustier while the Vielo gets a lot dirtier.

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