About Vielo

Designed and Built in Britain, with German Engineering.

Vielo was founded in 2017 by Ian Hughes and son Trevor. With over 35 years of experience in the bike trade and working with some of the best, high performance bike brands around the globe has lead us here. This is a real life story about a bunch of passionate people on a mission to create a small range of high performance bikes in an honest way, for British customer, to cope with British riding conditions. Without the marketing hype and without any limitations on performance potential.

Many bike brands that are sold into the U. K. market are compromised on design and detail for U.K. cycling fans. They don’t really take into consideration the inadequately maintained tarmac and the state that the British roads have fallen into over the years. Plus the different and varying weather conditions in different regions of Britain.

Ian and Trevor have put together a small team of people and former colleagues they've come into contact over the years. These people are the best in their field and have become great friends and formed an extended family of like-minded people ready to engineer, design, style and work on every detail of the bike and components with passion.

Described as an Indy-Boutique brand, Vielo is focused on producing products that are brave and exciting. We're not a big corporate brand trying to appeal to mass markets. We focus on engineering led design that's subtly styled and obsessive with detail. You won’t find any marketing buzz words or acronyms around our Vielo bikes, just solid, honest engineering and design.

The V+1
Our first model, the V+1 is a new breed of road plus performance bikes for the road cyclist who is fed up with being shaken to pieces on the poorly maintained British roads and who also wants to combine a bit of fun riding on gravel or loose forest roads without the heavy weight of a hard tail mountain bike.

The R+1
The R+1 is our dedicated 1x aero road bike. It’s like no other 1x road bike on the market in that it’s entirely dedicated to 1x. Most corporate brands put a single chain ring on the front and call it 1x. We don’t think that’s good enough. The R+1 is designed around a single front chain ring. The benefit is we can maximise bottom bracket stiffness, improve tyre clearance and create tube shapes that offer comfort in the rear triangle.

Our approach to styling and colour is to be really subtle and understated. You won’t see loads of crazy colours and stickers everywhere. We don’t make up buzz words or acronyms to hype up gimmicks. We would rather have a conversation about why that frame is shaped that way. We create clean, pure, striking designs with meticulous attention to detail. The result is frames that stand out from the crowd, without shouting for attention.
The journey to buying your Vielo is entirely down to you, whether that is in store, online or directly from us. We offer solutions to placing an order as easy as possible. We might even deliver the bike to you directly in person and go for a ride with you.

In Store
We love supporting independent retailers. We supply a small number of passionate dealers that can build your Vielo. They make sure the bike is thoroughly PDI checked, correct for your size and your chosen specifications before the bike is handed over to you in the shop. During hand over, the shop staff will talk you though all the operations and functions of the bike so you can enjoy it straight away

If you would prefer to order your bike online our website offers the choice to have a delivery to your local retailer, or directly to your door. Either way once your order has been placed we'll be in touch to confirm it and discuss the fine details.

Direct @ Vielo HQ
Want something bespoke or custom? Or just fancy coming to see us for a test ride and coffee? Sure! We love hosting demo rides and creating custom builds. Drop us a line via our contact us page so we know to expect you.

We want to make a community of Vielo owners who can share their favourite local rides, experiences, where the best coffee stops are along their routes etc.We love you sharing your trips and photos on social media so please keep sharing them with us. Your rides inspire us to do more, and show other customers what is possible.We are developing new products and bikes all the time and can share with you some behind-the-scenes product development too.