The Vielo + Classified R+1 is a partnership to make the ultimate modern road bike. Vielo’s vision of engineering frames optimised to the benefits of a single chainring pairs perfectly with the Classified’s virtual front mech. The R+1 now has all the benefits of 1x, with the increased gearing range from Classified's powershift technology


Game Changing Tech.

Unprecedented shift performance, efficiency and aerodynamics. Outperforming traditional 2x systems by far.


Blue on Blue.

An explosion of at least a gazzillion R+1 emblems transition cyan blue into light blue with accents of magenta. If fast has a look, this is it.

Vielo Bikes UK - R1 Classified front


No Wires.

No Mess.

The Wireless Classified system partners perfectly with the Vielo R+1 Alto frame. No cable ports, no mess. Just clean, uncluttered uniform design. Paired with SRAM’s eTap wireless group set your R+1 will have the most modern combination of shifting performance available.


1x Specific.

1x is no fad. It’s the logical next step for road bikes. Loose the second chainring and you gain a beautiful symmetry. Nothing is offset, with a perfectly balanced downtube, bottom bracket and chainstay contributing to 30% greater lateral stiffness. Aero efficient tubes create less drag for more speed with less effort.

Vielo Bikes UK - R+1 Classified cranks


Force D2 and Quarq power

The latest SRAM Force eTap groupset offering wireless shifting at its best. Paired with the newest Quarq spindle power meter, giving you the most data when you want it. A System that does exactly what you want whatever the terrain.

Vielo Bikes UK - R+1 Classified hub

The Powershift hub.

24 gears. 150 milliseconds.

Powershift Technology is a wireless shifting system that allows you to shift gears instantly, under full load (up to 1000 watts). Coupled with the Classified Poweshift hub that provides 12 exra gears without the need for a second front chainring and derailleur. The complete system outperforms traditional 2x systems.

Vielo Bikes UK - Classified wheel


50mm of pure speed.

Classified‘s flagship carbon wheelset - light, fast, and aero. Fully optimised for the Classified Powershift hub and set up tubeless with 32mm Continental GP5000 for ultimate traction.

Classified Road Bike - Vielo Bikes UK - R+1 Classified road bike

R+1 Classified

From £6,999

R+1 Cyan Blue Frame only for £3,499
Built with SRAM Force D2 and Classified £6,999.

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