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Bar Stem Combo

Although we’ve not tried the combo bar on all bikes, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t fit a standard 1” 1/8th  headset using our spacers.

No we do not recommend using TT bars on the Bar stem combo.

We’ve developed our own 3D printed out front computer mount to work with Garmin, Wahoo and Go Pro’s. You can fit other ‘in line’ computer mounts.

No, you can route the shift and brake cables under the bar tape traditionally, allowing you to fit the Bar Stem Combo onto our V+1 Alto and Strato Frames as well as the R+1 Strato frames.

To adjust / tighten the headset on your Vielo R+1 or V+1 with a Vielo bar stem combo, please follow this video. 


Service / Warranty

Your bike manual is available via the customer app at the bottom of our website here 

Your Vielo Frame comes with a 3 year warranty as standard, extended to 5 years when registered with us at within 30 days for purchasing the bike. The warranty of the other components is determined by the component manufacturer eg Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo.

Currently we’re not able to offer touch up paint for our bikes.

Currently we do not offer ready to paint or custom painted frames in house. We can help you build a Custom painted Vielo by referring you to our preferred painter in the UK,  Fat Creations. The process is normally that you select the frame and specification you would like, we shipped the frame directly to Fat Creations. Fat Creations strip and paint the frame to your desired specification. The frame is then delivered back to us to build the bike and deliver to you.

Yes – we can give you a custom quote to rebuild your existing Vielo with Classified. Drop us an email at

To ensure the best life of your bicycle and components we recommend cleaning and servicing the bike regularly. Depending on your usage this may be at 6 or 12 month intervals. If you require any parts to support your service eg Headset bearings, you can find these in parts section of our shop   


You can find our shipping policy and pricing here

You can find our shipping times on our shipping policy page here

Your bike will be delivered in a large box and will be 90% assembled. All you will need to do is insert the seat post and wheels. The bike will be ready to ride. Your user manual is available via our owners app here


Vielo R+1 Road bike the recommended maximum tyre size is 34mm on 700c wheels. 
Vielo V+1 Gravel bike the recommended maximum tyre size is a 50mm on both 700c or 650b wheels

Nope – Never!

On Both the R+1 and V+1 the Alto is the name given to our lightest frame, Strato frames are a slightly different composite layup making them around 120g heavier at raw weight. 

Our R+1 Road bike Alto Frames are designed exclusively for wireless group sets as there are no holes for shifting or brake cables. All the brake cables run internally.

No, the R+1 Strato frame is designed for semi internal cable routing meaning the brake and shift cables enter the frame either side of the downtube. You can still use our one piece bar stem combo, but the cables will be visible from under the stem to the down tube. 

For the V+1 Yes! If you would like a custom quote to include 650b wheels, just ask. 

R+1 – You should use our Camtail seat post that was provided with the frame. If you like, you can change this to a 30.9mm round seat post using our Seat post Shim. This means you can run a standard round seat post, or a dropper seat post. 

V+1 – You can use a 30.9mm road seat post. 

Note – We do not recommend using gripper paste in the seat tube. Using gripper paste will smooth the surface of your seat clamp, causing the seat post to slip.

Yes, the frames are compatible with most turbo training systems. You will need to replace the rear mech hanger with a ‘Turbo’ Hanger from our parts shop here

We use our own mech hanger fitting, they’re available in 3 versions for current and legacy bikes. You can find them in our parts shop here

V+1 – Yes! We recommend the SKS speed rockers available in our parts shop. They’re a quick and effective solution to mudguards.

R+1 – We’ve not designed the bike specifically for use with mudguards.

V+1 – In most cases, yes. The bike has a 30.9mm seat post. However, depending on the seat post the clamping force required may restrict the action of the dropper. We know the Rock Shox Reverb AXS dropper posts work well.

R+1 – You can use our R+1 Seat Post Shim to replace your Camtail seat post to make it 30.9mm round. This will allow you to fit a dropper seat post. However, depending on the seat post the clamping force required may restrict the action of the dropper. We know the Rock Shox Reverb AXS dropper posts work well.

The optimum chain line is 47mm.

R+1 the maximum disc rotor size is 160mm front and rear.

V+1 the maximum disc rotor size is 160mm front and rear.

Yes, the system weight limit (Bike and rider) is 110kg

The front wheels require a 12x100mm thru axle and the rear wheel require a 12 x 142mm thru axle.

Currently no, the V+1 and R+1 frames are not UDH compatible.

We only recommend using the Tailfin carbon rear rack. You can do so by changing your rear mech to a Vielo ‘Turbo hanger’ with a 1.5mm thread pitch. You can then order the 1.5mm axle from Tailfin. 

You can find out how to easily install the wheels to your Vielo V+1 or R+1 bike by watching the video below

You can find out how to adjust the seatpost for your Vielo bike in this video

You can find out how to fit and adjust your quick release axles on your Vielo V+1 and R+1 in this video