“I‘ve been riding road bikes where they shouldn‘t be ridden since the 80‘s. I’ve been testing professionally for over twenty years. I know when something is really special and the V+1 is certainly that.”
Guy Kesteven

There are a whole ton of gravel options now, but that’s half the problem, a lot of them weigh a ton. The V-Plus One combines the surefooted strength you need to get daft in the dirt with the low weight that really lifts it’s performance into a different league. The experience of the design team is clear as soon as you feel carbon soles connect to the ground through the carefully shaped stays and muscular mainframe too. There’s no harsh chatter or spine rattling edge to scatter traction, just a crescendo surge of speed that makes accelerating flat out at every opportunity a visceral Vielo addiction.

Subtle mudguard and storage integration separates if from stripped down CX race bikes on slick tyres when it comes to diverse wheel choices and day in day out or just winter club run versatility. Fat tyre and Road Plus capability with the super neat dropper post option and thru axle precision mean you can properly rip up the single track or roam the moors and trails all day not just tip toe between roads as a shortcut.

It really is a stunning blend of versatility, cultured class, effortless speed and insolent fun that begs for adventure as soon as you clip into the pedals. Whether that’s with MTB boots or ultra rigid road shoes you’ll just want to exploit and savour the ride by pushing further and faster every time. Just be prepared for all your other bikes to get a lot dustier while the Vielo gets a lot dirtier.

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