AMP Human PR lotion 5x Packets

AMP Human PR lotion 5x Packets

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Amp Human PR Lotion on the go! This handy box contains 5 single use Packets, ideal for traveling or packing in your gym bag. Each 20g packet is perfect for one single use eg 1 packet Per leg for cycling / running or 1 packet per arm / chest / back for upper body.

PR Lotion is the first and only lotion powered by bicarb, a natural electrolyte.  Bicarb helps you do more of what you love and come back strong the next day by neutralizing acid in your muscles.  Apply PR Lotion before every workout, adventure, and event.  Trusted by the world's best athletes and built for us all who are passionate about reaching our personal victory.

Bicarb, also known as sodium bicarbonate, supports muscle function by buffering the acid created when you exercise. Bicarb already exists in the body as a natural electrolyte and is used to regulate the body’s pH. It has +40 years of research supporting its benefits.

Backed By Science
Scientific studies have shown.

  • +11% Lactate levels to help improve muscle efficiency
  • +25% more high intensity intervals completed to exhaustion. Increasing your training capacity
  • -53% Reduction in DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) to enhance recovery.

Get more from every training session with PR lotion. Each 300g bottle supports 10-15 workouts.

How to use

Tear your packet open, squeeze it into your hand and apply liberally (More is more!) 30 minutes before your workout. Lower body exercise? Apply 1 packet per leg to lower back, glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. Upper body exercise? Apply 1 packet per leg to back, chest, neck, biceps and triceps. Swimming? no problem apply 30 minutes before you get in the water.



  •     Clean sport compliant and legal under World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) rules.
  •     Free shipping within the UK
  •     60 day money back guarantee
  •     Made in the USA

Sold by the Exclusive UK Distributor for Amp Human - Vielo Sports.