Designed in Britain, Engineered in Germany.
 Hand built in Britain.

Vielo was founded in 2017 by Ian Hughes and son Trevor. With over 35 years of experience in the bike trade and working with some of the best, high performance bike brands around the globe has lead us here. This is a real life story about a bunch of passionate people on a mission to create a small range of high performance bikes in an honest way, for British customer, to cope with British riding conditions. Without the marketing hype and without any limitations on performance potential.

Many bike brands that are sold into the U. K. market are compromised on design and detail for U.K. cycling fans. They don’t really take into consideration the inadequately maintained tarmac and the state that the British roads have fallen into over the years. Plus the different and varying weather conditions in different regions of Britain.

Ian has put together a small team of people and former colleagues he has come into contact over the years. These people are the best in their field and have become great friends and formed an extended family of like-minded people ready to engineer, design, style and work on every detail of the bike and components with passion for the British customer.

Described as an Indy-Boutique brand, Vielo’s first model, the V-Plus 1 is a new breed of Road Plus performance bikes for the road cyclist who is fed up with being shaken to pieces on the poorly maintained British roads and who also wants to combine a bit of fun riding on gravel or loose forest roads without the heavy weight of a hard tail mountain bike.

UNLIMITED PERFORMANCE AND COMFORT An oxymoron ? Combining intelligent ideas and engineering theories through time and experience have come to together to produce the V-plus 1. Engineering and know-how without limitations. Without anyone saying ‘No you cannot do that’, because we know we can do it.

The V-plus 1 features an exceptionally light, yet, very strong Carbon fibre frame with clever passive rear suspension built into the rear seat stays. The frame will accommodate 700c road wheels with up to 42 mm tyres to help smooth the tarmac, or 650b wheels with 2.1 tyres for more gravel and off the road tails.

The frame has been engineered and designed for a 1x drive system. This offers a single chain ring on the front, which then means our engineer can make the bottom bracket slightly wider and therefore stiffer than using a double chain ring.

You will notice the frame tube shapes are designed to offer additional lateral stiffness where it is required, plus providing vertical compliance through a clever, custom layup of the highest quality carbon fibres. This attention is also designed and engineered into the front fork, which provides stiffness in the fork crown area to accommodate the extra forces from the front disc brakes, provide razor sharp steering, but also provide comfort designed and engineered into the fork blades.

You won’t find any marketing buzz words or acronyms around our Vielo bike, just solid, honest engineering and design.

The smallest details include, brake cable routing that is designed for U. K. standards. The rear brake hose and left hand cables are routed through the down tube on the right side, to make a perfect cable route and balance the right brake hand brake hose crossover to the left side of the front fork (we can do Continental too). Plus there are mudguard and rack mount eyelets beautifully concealed on the inside of the front fork and rear stays to accommodate a custom made SKS mudguard system. If you plan to carry cargo or luggage, these eyelets will also accommodate a Tubus rack. Even the headset bearings have a clever device to help protect the lower headset bearing from being contaminated with grit and dirt. The V-plus 1 frame is fitted with 2 bottle cage mountings on the down tube and seat-tube, plus additional mounting points for a small tool box or a third bottle under the down-tube and a neat mounting for your lunch box to accommodate your energy bars and gels at the front of the top-tube.

CAREFULLY SELECTED PARTS AND CUSTOM COMPONENTS . To complete the bikes we build, we have chosen a range of well known, high performance, high quality, branded parts from DT Swiss, SRAM, Schwalbe, KMC and Fabric. Plus our Vielo custom carbon handle bars, 3D forged alloy stem, Vielo carbon seatpost and custom ‘Fast Thread’ through axles.

Our special double row bearings allow to use 30 mm spindle cranks with the industry standard Press Fit bottom bracket housing for increased stiffness and less weight.

Plus a unique way to operate the RockShox hydraulic dropper seat post via the left hand gear shift lever with our custom device fitted between the mechanical cable and dropper post. All of this is hidden away inside the frame. If you wish to fit mudguards, we offer custom made SKS mudguards to fit the frame perfectly. There is also a dedicated dropper seat post compatible clamp for a Tubus rack mount. The full spec list is here. V+1 Specification
There are several parts you can choose to customise your bike according to your size or where you ride at no cost option. These include, bar width, stem length and crank length and chain ring size. Also tyre choice from Schwalbe G Zero 1 to G Zero Bite. The different options are listed here. Vielo V+1 Options list

Plus, if you wish to upgrade parts like wheels from DT Swiss to Lightweight, or seat post from Carbon to RockShox Reverb Stealth dropper post, or Fabric titanium rail saddle to Carbon rail saddle, these can be included in you build. If you want to purchase a frame only and choose your own preferred parts and components, please do not hesitate to contact us, or your local Vielo dealer who can advise you which parts and components will work best on your Vielo frame.

Our approach to styling and colour is to be really subtle and understated. You won’t see loads of crazy colours and stickers everywhere. We offer the V-Plus 1 in 2 colour ways. Either Light blue with Orange accents, or a very Dark Midnight Blue with Light Blue accents. We have also paid attention to small detailed parts like matching the custom handle bars, stem, spacers seat-post and bearing caps to match together. Even the frame number decals hidden under the bottom bracket match the style of the bike.

The journey of first discovering Vielo bikes, through to making your purchase, then owning your Vielo bike is one we want to make the most enjoyable. We have appointed a small number of Independent Bicycle shops around the country who have been selected for their professionalism, experience and friendship.

Find your Vielo Dealer

You won’t find Vielo bikes being shipped in boxes, direct to customers. We make sure the bike is thoroughly PDI checked, correct for your size and your chosen specifications before the bike is handed over to you in the shop. During hand over, the shop staff will talk you though all the operations and functions of the bike so you can enjoy it straight away. Please make sure you read the comprehensive owner’s manual so you thoroughly understand all the parts of your Vielo bike and how to look after it.

Please Note: If there is not a Vielo Dealer that is close to you that means a considerable journey to collect your Vielo bike, please contact us. We can discuss with you how we could deliver your bike to an independent bicycle shop that is closer to you. Contact Vielo

When you pick up your bike from your local dealer, it’s important you register your bike online to register and activate the extended warranty. Shortly afterwards, and to say thank you for your custom, we will send you a box of cleaning and care products from Crankalicious To help you look after your bike. This registration also signs you up to our exclusive Vielo Owners club so that we can inform you of Vielo meetings around the country, special event invitations and where you can hook up with cycling friends around the country to enjoy riding areas you may not be aware of.

We want to make a community of Vielo owners who can share their favorite local rides, experiences, where the best coffee stops are along their routes etc.

We can also offer professional advice for training, nutrition, hydration, plus after ride cool down and stretching, plus top maintenance tips on how to best look after your Vielo bike.

We are developing new products and bikes all the time and can share with you some behind-the-scenes product development too.